Testimonials – Hamilton

The food was very good. The stuff was excellent. Restaurant was nice and clean. They are taking reservations at this point. Nice atmosphere. I recommend it.
Kevin Mcguirk

This spot is worth a visit. They have large portions for affordable prices. Constantly well organized and with great mood. Highly recommended.
Saul Daugherty

Finest food, helpful employees, regularly good ambience. They charge fair prices and the food quality is great. Keep it up.
Braylon Massey

Recently , we ordered from there about 4-5 times in two weeks-enough said! The meats were deliciously marinated, juicy and perfectly char-grilled . Everything was well-seasoned, fresh and thoughtfully garnished (lots of sauces, veggies and garnished included). Portions sizes are extremely generous and can last several meals. We really recommend the Thai Basil Ho Fun noodles with tofu /veggies and the spare-rib/shrimp dish. We love how you can try dishes from many types of cuisines as well – closest thing we can get to traveling in 2020.
PM Mrknd

Great food and fabulous service. My regular place to get take out. The food is always fresh and delicious. The chef is very friendly. I would recommend the Saigon House any day!
Zora Tan

Pleasantly surprised. One of the best Asian food deliveries yet. The dishes were fresh and prepared with care. Not with that fast-food feeling you get from some establishments. Noodles were tender. The fried squid tentacles were spiced in a most delicious way and disappeared quickly. Will definitely order again.
Dan Riegler

Great Korean barbeque. Food is great and can order off the menu or so an all you can eat option. Had a great time ordering and then cooking your own food. Very fresh and the service was great. Our eyes were bigger then out stomach. The service was very attentive and this was alot of fun. All you can eat formata
Lee Maltby